• I been wondering which way is it best for the ps2 to be standing up right or setting it horizontal? Ive bearly seen that the PS2 Logo can rotate to the way you have your PS2 standing.
  • It doesn't really make a difference as long as you don't move the console while you're playing. I guess you just sit it whichever way suits you're setting. My PS2 for example, is sitting horizontally on a coffee table.
    The PS2 itself is not only a gaming console, not only a DVD player, but also a fashion accessory for your house. Of course, Sony is the only company that thought about looks, as is made quite obvious by the X-box. If I had one, it wouldn't need to sit on a coffee table, it could be a coffee table! :lol:

    So yeah, there's really no difference which way you stand it. As you may have noticed, there's a little groove on the inside of the tray so if it's standing vertically, you're CD's won't fall out. Smart, eh? B)
  • Some people prefer it laying flat,others like it standing on end (like I have).It's really up to personal preference-only thing I suggest is if you do decide to go with the on end look and it's in a fairly open area (like on a table) use a stand.The system isn't meant to sit that way without it.
  • If you have a good place for it to be vertical.....like in a smaller space but if not then horizontal is the way that you'll want to go. I for one have my PS2 vertical beside my VCR(which i also have vertical) and my anime DVD cases next to that. Whatever way you decide though, be sure that it can't be knocked over or off anything as you don't want your system being out of alignment. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • This remmember this beining discussed before.

    But I have mine in the Horizontal position right now but I think what ever way you first put it in position you should keep it in that position.

    But for me I found that in the horizontal position that the disc tray gets kind of wore down, I think it is to weak or the disc drive motor is not that good, because everytime I open it up it has a very groosome sound of grinding mabey it has to do with gravity and the weight of the disc.

    But I found that there is no problem with that when it is vertical.

    When I return my ps2 for a new one, I think I am going to buy to verticle stablizers for it so it will be easier on the disc driver.
  • Mines horizontal on the bottom shelf of a entertainment cabinet as it wont fit on there vertical. My fella has his vertical at the side of his TV, but even with the stand it doesnt look really stable
  • Mine sits horizontal In my entertainment center, I built a special rack in my center for my PS2 and it's games to sit in.
  • Thanks to all. Um I have another question, is it safe for my PS2 to be on near a speaker or a subwofer?
  • Yes, it's ok. The only thing that you need to be careful around speakers with is anything magnetized so as long as you don't move the games around the rear of the speaker for an extended period of time then everything would be ok. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.