wakeboarding unleashed on a playstation 3
  • I own two different playstation 3 machines. One is the 60 gig and one is the 80 gig. Both of the machines have 4 USB ports. I am trying to play wakeboarding unleashed (playstation 2) on these machines. Both machines hang up while loading the game and you cannot play the game. I had hoped the game would work on at least on of these machines.... is there a patch or way to fix it?

  • I'm a bit surprised the 60 GB wouldn't play it- Sony's backward compatibility check says "no major problems" with that title. You may want to try giving the disc a good cleaning with a soft cloth and try it again- was the game purchased new or used?
  • Used.... but no scratches. I am wondering if anyone has had the game work on a PS# at all??
  • used, but no scratches. i wonder if anyone has had the game work on a PS3 at all? On the 60 gig player, I did have to send it back to Sony to have a new blu-ray drive put in it becasue the drive stopped functioning.... would this affect the backward compatibility?
  • It is possible as they may not have sent back the exact same unit you sent them but instead swapped the drive out into another system they had ready to go, possibly an 80 GB system shell that has the software-based bc. It's nothing new for them to send a replacement unit instead of having you wait for your actual system to be fixed. Only way to know for sure would be to match up the serial number from the box and what's on the PS3 itself.