• I'm stuck in the original Devil May Cry. I've defeated the nightmare blob creature and I'm supposed to go back across the bridge to the broken path and install something. I can't get across where the purple, poisonous pool is at the bottom. Just can't reach that ledge. I keep falling into the purple liquid after trying the jump and it does damage. I think there must be a way to fix the broken path but I don't think there's even a dial on the wall here to hit. The dials in the first room no longer register hits.

    Am I in the right spot? Why can't I get across? The game was so easy to this point (playing on easy, sorry). Really it was a breeze til I got here and now I've got these shadows that are a pain and I can't get across this broken path.
  • Could you tell us which Mission number this is, Buckwheat...?
  • I'm in the vicinity of Mission 16 - I need to know what to do after defeating the nightmare boss. (see original post for details)
  • There should be a stone tablet which you can use the Staff of Hermes on. Have you encountered this yet...? After using the Staff of Hermes on the tablet you jump into the left picture to end the mission.
  • That's what I'm looking for - the stone tablet that I can use the Staff of Hermes on. I read about it in a faq, but it didn't say where it was except that it was past the "broken path". I was thinking I had to drop those pieces of path in the room with the poisonous purple pool and the tablet would be at the end but I can't drop the path pieces. Maybe I've already done that.

    [most important question]Where is this stone tablet?[/most important question]
    I suppose I should check my items for the staff of hermes. I don't even know if I have it.
  • The stone tablet must be across the broken path. To get across you must jump correctly across the bridge pieces, or just fly over them using Air Raid. Give it a try.
  • I got it, lol. There was a door a door right there in the room with the blob afterwards. Went through there to the broken path and found the tablet I needed to install the Staff of Hermes. So now all is well.

    A speed run on youtube was of great help.

    By the way, I got Air Raid for that other path, but the reward there was some sort of weapon, not essential and not the thing I was looking for.