I Need Help in ( ICO )
  • hi everyone

    I am a new member,,,,

    please help me in this game

    ICO released date 2001
    It's a PS2 game
    I am playing it for the first time

    Give me a full game guide, please

    or at least how to save the girl in the cage at the very beginning of the game
    at the third area

    thanks anyway
  • When you head up the spiral staircase in the room with Yorda's cage you should see a switch in the floor- this will release her cage and the resulting landing will open it, letting her out.
  • Lyndon M STAFF

    thanks a lot, I will be back soon after trying.
    but don't u have the full guide?

    thanx anyway
  • I do know of a guide but due to the rule we have in place regarding linking to other gaming sites I can't link you to it (I may be an admin but I still gots ta follow the rules like everyone else ;) )
  • Dear Lyndon M STAFF

    I FULLY understood, u have to follow the rules.

    I may need your help later, anyway
  • hi Lyndon M STAFF

    I have a question,
    What should I do with the windmill

    Thanks again.
  • Climb the short set of stairs on the windmill and jump up onto the ledge. Slide Ico around to the right side and jump up onto the ledges above. He'll have to climb up onto three ledges before he encounters one that's wide enough to walk on. Go around to the opposite side and face the slowly turning blades. Leave enough room for a short run and watch the blades turn for a bit. Watch for a blade to just begin to come into view down below. When one does and you're ready, run and jump towards the rising blade. If he catches on the edge of the sail, you've succeeded. Have him move to the end of the blade as it rises to vertical, and then out onto the tip. If he starts to slide down off the tip, just nudge up with the left mini-joystick a few times. Just before the blade gets to fully vertical, have him jump backwards onto the top of the windmill.

    Walk towards the back of the windmill and go down onto the partially destroyed pathway. Stay near the railing and carefully walk across it to the area containing the stone couch. Continue past the Idol Doors and then down the stairs and continue down until Ico reaches the lever. Have him pull it to extend a bridge out towards the grassy area where Yorda is. Position him at the end of the bridge and call Yorda over. She'll jump and just make it as usual. Help her up at each of the climbs along the way. As they pass the Idol Doors, Yorda will cause them to open, continue on back to the stone couch and save your game. Now it's safe to go through the Idol Doors into the area below the plaza.
  • Rob C STAFF, Lyndon M STAFF

    Thank u both for ur help.

    I will try it later, I may need ur help again.

    Thanks anyway.
  • Hi, I need help again

    What should I do with the Waterfall ?

    Thans anyway
  • Leave Yorda by climbing down the chain. Go outside using the bright doorway. To the right is a lift; take it up to a parapet. Go to its lever and pull it to open the door for Yorda, who’s conveniently right outside. Take her down with the lift. Have her climb the blocks at bottom back into the cavern. Now your can reach the couch.

    Head back up to the cavern’s highest level. From there, proceed to another bright door with light peicing through, but instead of going through it turn right. Across the ledge you’ll find a ladder. Climb it then go through the window. Jump to the chain, then use it to swing onto the platform. Climb down the ladder to the small grassy lawn. Find the block and push it over the ledge. This will allow Yorda access to the lawn, so go get her and drag her up. Your going to have to have Yorda with you at this time, as what your about to do past is past several loading points will take a long time. Climb the ladder back onto the platform, then climb up the ladder leading to a pressure switch door, with Yorda tagging along. Go through to a small bridge. Cross it to a large shed with no way out save the way you entered. Find the ladder going up. Climb it, leaving Yorda where she is. Shimmy across the pipeline to the outer window, then climb to the ground using the ladder. Push the block into the water, letting it flow down with the waterfall, then jump across the stone aqueduct and go to the ladder at left. Climb it to a switch; push it until the water stops flowing, dammed by a wooden block.

    Proceed back into the cavern, making your way with Yorda to the bottom of a dry lake, where once the water flowed freely from the above waterfall. Use the block to help Yorda reach the Idol doors.

    Climb the incline to a series of wooden catwalks. Cross them, leaping over the occasional gap. Soon you’ll arrive at a lift. Take it down, cross the parapets and find a pipe going onto the roof of some kind of stone mining shed. Find a small, horizontally standing ladder on a small watchtower. Push the tower as far as it can go, then climb onto its top. From here, jump to the shelf of wood to find a switch. Pull it to make a below bridge move into place. Some spirits will attack, dispose of them before crossing the bridge.

    Head up the steps into a pass. Follow it to the gondola, a small lift operated by rotating its handle counter-clockwise. It will take a long while to reach the top.

    Find the couch and save with it. Note the bridge needs to be lowered, so drop to the below platform with a pipe running across the drop. Shimmy across the pipe to a parapet. Go down the half broken ladder then jump to the tower. Climb it to the top then slide a little ways down the connecting chain. Use it to swing into the raised bridge, momentum forcing it to fall, creating a path for Yorda.
  • Hi, Rob C STAFF
    It is the second time that u r helping me,
    I already have done the first part.

    Thanks anyway.
    I may need ur help again.
  • Hi, Rob C STAFF
    May be I wasn't so clear, but I am still in the couch near the waterfall , I don't know what cavern or cave u were talking about.
    I opened that door for Yorda, I already went to the lift and I got Yorda down, then I made her climbed the blocks, then I reached the couch, where I think I am now in the cavern (that u described), there is waterfall and a lake down there, What should I do then???
    I couldn't go on,
    Would u mind to make it a little bit clearer, please....((I am not an English native speaker))

    Thanks anyway
  • Can you see a bright door with light piercing through it...? If so, head towards it and instead of entering it turn right and shimmy across the ledge to a ladder, then climb through the window. See if you can carry on from there.:)