From Reading Games.. to freezing.. To Completly NOT reading new or old games...
  • I have read the old threads and I know maybe I shouldn't have posted a new repedative thread. I DO have a question. I have a PS3 thats not even a YEAR old. I just spent 100 bucks on new games today brand new games.. I HAVE updated my firmware to the most recent and now instead of reading games sometimes, where I can play here and there, I have lost all reading ability.

    I just bought NHL09, I loaded it.. the Main Menu reckognized the disc, I went to play the game and just a black screen appeared and never initialized anything. .. So I powered off and restarted the machine.

    I have the 80Gig and Like I said its not even a year old. Has anyone read any threads of BlueRay lasers going bad .. or dieing out early? bad/cheap blue ray?? anything like that.

    If anyone could give me a hyperlink directly to customer service pertaining to PS3's that would be great, as I will be searching now as well.

    Thanks guys,..

    Any hints or help on this would be GREAT!

    Thanks again,

  • Yes, there have been some issues with faulty blu-ray diodes in a small percentage of PS3s. Give Sony's tech support a call and they will be able to arrange a shipping box sent to you to send the system in and get repaired free of charge.