FROGGER 2 - Chapter 7 game help
  • Hi there. New member needing help.
    Frogger 2 Swampy's Revenge, Chapter 7 (Infernal Machine).
    Have come to a section I can't for the life of me figure out how to get past. It is probably so simple but still don't know what to do.
    Have rescued first baby and just before getting to the second one (I can see it in the top lefthand side of the screen) there is a missing step with a large box on the other side of it. Not sure how to get across. I have been trying to single jump and double jump but keep falling.
    There must be something I am not doing. Please help!!!
  • This should help:

    Go 6 spaces to the west, fast. Go 1 space west and double jump. Go 1 space west and double jump. Double jump quickly after that. Go one space west and double jump. Go one space west and stop. As soon as the enemy goes into the door (nearest to you) quickly hop to the steps. Go up the steps until there's a gap. Double jump up to the next step and continue. Get the green frog.

    Now as soon as the enemy goes in the door nearest you hop towards the platform sticking out and take cover there. As soon as the enemy passes you, double jump over the gap to the west. Now go over to where the extra life is (The butterfly). Now go to where the coin is and stop. As soon as the enemy goes through the door, hop and jump over to the steps as fast as possible. Now get the yellow frog.

    Jump up on the block in front of you and continue to the next block. Wait until the floating enemy passes you before you go up on the block. When you do, make sure there is noone below you. When you have the chance, go to where the coin is. Now wait for the 'dog' to pass you. When it does go over to the block and get on it. Then quickly double jump and you're safe. Now just double jump over eack block when the enemy passes you. How easy is that? Go up the stairs (Watch out for the black ledge, it goes in and out) and get the blue frog.

    To get across this there are two ways. First you can just quickly hop over each one. Second you can hop to the second one and double jump. As soon as the second thing comes out, double jump twice in a row. Get the quick hop to get across all of these! Now just double jump over these blocks when the enemy isn't near. Watch when you go up these steps because you can get killed by the electricity! Just time yourself going up here. Get the pink frog.

    Now you really have to time yourself. The pattern is that the first and third (From the left) will get electricity. Then the second and fourth will too. It goes that way forever. Once you get past there get across the next two (They get electricity pretty slowly) and double jump when the next one doesn't get electricity. Jump the block and take refuge on the jutting platform. As soon as the enemy passes, go to the steps. Go up them and you come to the greatest challenge of all in this level. This is crazy up here. With your experience just try to get to the other side to find your final frog. Mission Passed!
  • Thanks so much for these instructions but I still don't seem to be able to get past this section.
    The instructions are straight forward and work exactly until it gets to the extra life (butterfly). After that there is no coin or enemy to get past to get to the yellow frog so it is confusing me a bit.:confused:
    Just out of curiosity, there is just the one version of this game? The reason I ask this as all of the instructions in the booklet seem to be in French and nothing else.
  • There should be only one version of the game. What are you up against where you're stuck...?
  • I'm on the step from where I have taken the butterfly from. There is a gap to the next step (so I will have to double jump to get across) but there is a box (I think) on top of this step so it stops me from getting to it. After the box there is one more step then a gap and then the yellow frog is on the next step from there. There are no coins in between me and the tellow frog.
  • Are you sure you can't double jump onto the block and then double jump off it to get the frog...?
  • I've lost count of how many times I have tried to double jump onto the block but each time I just keep on falling down the gap and losing a life.
    I have also tried just one jump and also one jump and sticking the tongue out thinking it might grab onto the block but nothing works. So frustrating.
    I have now found out how to skip a level and I have done just that cause I can't keep trying to get through this one. Too aggravating but it still intrigues me as to why it seems so hard to get past.