• hey, i've had my psp fat for around 2 - 3 years and i have had custon firmware on it ever since my warranty ran out (1 year after i bought it) with no problems.
    the other day i was on my psp and it all of a sudden crashed while i was on a universal remote piece of software.
    i went to turn it back on and nothing happend the green light didnt even flash once, so i put it on charge and it was chargeing for about 12 hours straight (and im prety sure no battery can charge for 12 hours without being fully charged) so i tried turning the psp on with the charger in it, once again no green light at all only the orange charger light, so i took the battery out and left the charger in, all the orange light does is flash and the psp still doesnt come on
    got any ideas what wrong with it and why its not working and if possible how can i fix it myself?
    (im prety sure its not bricked by the way because i wasnt messing with the flash file and when psps are bricked the green power light still comes on and mine doesnt)
    thanks in advance GENER-AL
  • You may want to try swapping out the battery if you know someone else that has a PSP, in case something may have happened with it.

    To be honest, we don't recommend or support the use of these custom firmwares or homebrew out there- when things like this do happen you are pretty much SOL for any sort of support from Sony. You may have better luck with help at the site you got the brew at.
  • To be totaly honest i dont actuly know where i got it from because it was my friend who did it for me and all he said to me was 'i can hack your psp for you and it will make it better' lol
  • Ok- in that case better check with him as to where it came from. It was definitely the use of this "better" firmware that is the cause of it all.
  • it cant have being the custom ware thats caused my psp to break because i have had it on my psp for around 2 years and its working fine i think it was eather the universal remote i put on it or the fact that i accidently dropped it but i still dont understand why it crashed lol =\
    i'll just have to borrow my friends battery when he gets back on saturday lol
  • You didn't mention the dropping before- most likely something inside broke when it landed. Electronics can be rather sensitive to this sort of thing, after all. ;) Between that and some of the custom stuff you had on there it was just a matter of time. You may have no choice but to get a new PSP.
  • im taking it down to an electrical store 2morrow the guy in there has a wide knowledge of all electrical things and more than likely he can fix it and at the least he can tell me whats up with it :)
    P.S. i only dropped it from about 15cm lol so im sure that couldnt have done much, mind you technology these days is so complicated it takes less and less to break things lol