• hey...
    guess what i got onimusha 2... couple of days back... its good but would have been better if the enemies would have been made a little better.. you poeple would be wonderin how i got this well this is a little secret.. i always get a game before its release...and real cheap only 2.56 $... hmm..
    afl 2003 is out well.. i`ll get my hands to it before somebody else does...
  • Just to enlighten you on this fact but getting the games the way you do is called piracy and is illegal. Regardless of if you buy it from a store or not....any form of game that isn't the legal version of the game, is illegal. This thread is closed and please refrain from mentioning your use of these types of games. We don't condone the use of nor the creation of pirated games. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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