LBP billboard gets tagged
  • YouTube - Giant Tagging a mini Billboard

    I just had to share this - I thought it was hilarious. People are all upset over this video that popped up on YouTube a couple of days ago; apparently some "tagger" in Los Angeles found a couple of those LBP mini-billboards that Sony has been hiding all over the U.S., and he thought it would be cool to tag them - probably not realizing that he could have just sold them on eBay instead and netted himself a tidy profit (they're going for over $100 each right now, if you can find one).
  • While it would be kinda cool to have one of those mini billboards there is no freakin' way I'm going to pay upwards of $100 for one on eBay!
  • I know what you mean - I love them, but it's kind of hard to part with that much cash for something that's just going to decorate my TV. Some people are crazy about that stuff, though - the first one to hit eBay went for over $250!

    On the other hand, though... they ARE pretty cool, and a lot of the time, video game marketing stuff like that tends to go up in value over time. Just TRY and buy an original Super Mario Bros. store standee nowadays - you're lucky if you can find one, and if you do, prepare to go broke winning it. Combined with the fact that there's only supposed to be 1,000 of the LBP billboards in the world - I could see them becoming a major "collectable" over the next few years. Maybe it isn't such a bad investment after all!