Dave Mirra Freestyle Bmx 2
  • I have been trying for ages to complete the "Woodward Camp" level (1st)

    The only challange I have left to do is to "Get over 9 meters of air on the Titanic Vert Ramp"

    I am presuming it is the ramp directly in front of me when you start
    the level ! I can get pretty high air but can't complete the challange. The other thing is when I get Air the "Red Line" on the height meter is over 10metres !! Don't understand that at all as it says I only have to make 9 metres.

    Am I on the right ramp ? Do I need to do something else before I complete
    that challenge.

    Very confused !!!!

    Can anyone help ??

  • I copied and pasted information from a gaming site that has the woodward jumps. Heres the list.

    *Over the titanic channel: right in front of you when you start out,
    transfer over the channel (where the halfpipe has a section cut out)
    and onto the other side of the channel on the pipe.
    *Over the Roll-in: transfer on the pipe right over the rollin that you
    start out on.
    *Cloud 9 Step Up: in Cloud 9 there is a set of two quarter pipes with a
    higher quarter pipe in between them. The higher quarter pipe has two
    rails going up it. The gap is to transfer from a lower quarter pipe,
    over the rail and onto the higher quarter
    *Egypt Step-Up: if you go into the door closest to the starting point,
    right inside on the right is a quarter with a brown wall behind it,
    transfer from the bowl, to this quarter
    *Across the Titanic Deck: right when you start out, go straight and get
    onto the deck of the halfpipe. From there jump across on the kicker
    over the channel and onto the downslope
    *Dish Dogs Gap: Right when you start, go down the roll in and turn
    left. There are two kickers with a gap in the middle, jump it!
    *Cabin to Cabin gap: Jump from roof to roof across two cabins (where
    the bunks are)
    *Another Cabin to Cabin: Jump from roof to roof across the next two
    *Crazy Vert to Vert Gap: From the last Cabin Gap, you should be around
    what looks to be two massive half-pipes back to back. One of which has
    a roll-in connected to it. Go up the nearby ramps to get to the roll-in
    entrance. Take the roll-in down and into the pipe. Continue up towards
    to opposite side of the halfpipe and when you get to the lip, jump out
    and over across the median in between the two pipes. Land in the
    opposite pipe to receive the Gap.

    the name of the person who wrote this FAQ is: MaHiR

    -PM me is this doesnt help.