• I'm stuck in the prison where thebig bad guy turns out to be a giant metal bug. He keeps kicking my ass & I dunno how to avoid his attacks while I'm waiting for an opportunity to strike. What do I do? What weapon's the best to use against him?
  • In the first step of the final battle, do whatyou can to avoid the charged blast (hovering over it using the sprayer should help) and when he jumps onto the wall use the sonic blast to damage him (avoid the purple beams, they'll hurt you). After a few hits it's on to phase 2.

    You will have a limited amount of platforms to stand on. He will shoot electric mines at you, just dodge them. When it shows him charging up a shot, get ready to start hovering over the path of green orbs to get to the platform where you can flame the coil and make the dark eco pool level decrease. Once it is decreased, jump to the next set of platforms.

    On the next set do the same thing, except dodge his charged shots and go
    to the left side of the room (facing the boss) and hover along the green orb path to flame the next coil. After you reach the third set of platforms, a cutscene will initiate and phase 3 of the battle will begin!

    This time, the boss will shoot one mine at you, dodge it and go hit him with an Ultra Sonic shot while he is charging his next shot at you. This will make him go loopy and crash into the barrels behind him and they will fall right on top of him, sticking him in one spot long enough for you to jump across the barrels and hit him in the face with another Ultra Sonic shot. Do this a couple more times and the game is won!