• Hi I was hoping you might be able to help me? Would you happen to know the actual money cheats for ps2 games LMA Manager 2006-2007? and Pro evolution soccer management? Also what is exploder version 5 and 6 for these games? thanx
  • Here's the only money code i could find:

    LMA2005B - No More Money Problems ($500,000,000+ starting cash)

    Xploder 5 & 6 are pretty much the same as Gamesharks- they're cheat machines which allow you to use many many cheats for a particular game. I don't believe they can be used with LMA Manger 2005 though, Ashlee...?
  • hello i dont know if thier any real cheats for playstation2 destroy all humans2
  • someone please help me is thier any cheat codes for playstation2 destroy all humans2 i have the cheat but its not working wrote everything down and nothing i dont know if you have to do it really really fast or normal i have the cheat code to unlock everything this is it pause game and hold down L1, R1,R2 AND PRESS XX CIRCLE ,SQUARE, X SQUARE, X , CIRCLE. its not working someone please help me.