System Activation?
  • with the last update came a new feature. system activation - ps3 system - select the content you want to use Game Video when i select video nothing changes whyyyyyy??????
  • The System Activation/ Deactivation had actually been there for a bit, it was just put more in the open this time. This is for marking your PS3 and PSP as being authorized for your download purchases (similar to what iTunes does for music buys, you need to authorize the computer before music will actually work on it if installing onto another PC).
  • oh i thought that meant i could pick what type of media i could get on the playstation store.
  • how do you activate account. I am tring to play call of duty modern warfare 2 and says I need to sign up to playstation network
  • Christopher, you need to set up a username for playing online. If you go to the top icon in the PlayStation network portion of the menu you'll see "Sign Up For The PlayStation Network". Go there and sign your self up just like you did here (this isn't the same playstation network but if you want to use the same e-mail and pass you should have no problems).