Folding wont connect
  • I am very new to Playstation, just got my first last week. I do Folding@home on my laptops at home and want to on my PS3 also.

    For some reason my PS3 has never had an easy time downloading from my network. When running the tests everything comes up fine. However, it took me at least 7 times to download the folding app, each time it kept erroring out and went verrrrry slowly. It did finally download, but when i go to playstation life, it just says "error: cannot connect to server" and tries every 15 seconds then 30 seconds etc.

    I connect to the playstation network no problem. I forwarded all the ports that I read about in these forums also. I even tried DMZ. I even tried a wired connection. Nothing has allowed Folding to connect!

    I use a linksys gaming router and it works great with my 360. What gives?
  • Have you done the settings on the PS3 manually (putting in the info yourself) or gone automatic? Sometimes having all the info in manually helps.

    To be honest, though, F@H has been acting up a bit on me as well lately- it may be a problem in their servers and not necessarily on your settings.
  • I did all the settings manually. F@H is working fine on my laptop, is it just the PS3 servers then?
  • It does seem to be the case- my PS3 hasn't been able to connect to get a new work unit all day today. Nothing that can be done but wait for them to fix it.
  • Mine was aswell on Sunday.