Compatibality Help
  • Hi all, I bought a PS2 (NTSC version) last week from Malaysia and brought it back to Canada. There is a problem, everything works perfectly fine but I can only play the game in black and white. This is annoying and dissapointing in a way. I bought a cheap TV from Canada that happens to be made in Malaysia but I am uncertain if the TV is NTSC or PAL version but I assume it is an NTSC mode. If any of you have encounter this problem or do know of a solution for my problem, please help. Thanks a million!!!

  • The tv should be NTSC....Is the PS2 NTSC U/C? Or /J? I don't think that NTSC/J would work in the states but it's possible. Another thing that it may be is that your tv isn't color. Make sure that you purchased a color tv and if it's not then that's the problem. If that still isn't the problem then try the PS2 on a different tv and also, if you can, try using a different pair of A/V cables. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • The problem is most likely differing NTSC modes.The PS2 coming from Malaysia is very likely NTSC/J,which is not quite compatible with the North American NTSC U/C standard.

    One solution would be to possibly find a convertor to make the games look normal-if you know of anyplace that sells imported games they would know what to get.