final fantasy factics
  • in fanal fantasy factics how do i kill the Velius Warlock in the Riovanes castle?
  • A somewhat basic solution here.

    Equip a Twist Headband, Power Sleeve, and Bracer on Ramza. he'l first take a Lightning Stab from Wiegraf but as long as it wasn't a critical hit he'll survive- use a Cheer Up on him and Ramza gets to move again- go to Wiegraf and just keep punching him until he's defeated.

    Same idea for Velius- move up to him and punch him. Velius will start to charge up for something- have Agrelias wait, however. Now move Ramza up and punch him until defeated.
  • do i need to have punch art on or will and weapon work?
  • do i need punch art on Ramza when i fight velius or will any weapon work?
  • He would need Punch Art for this to work, I believe.