Help On An Old Game--headhunter
  • In the third level I think, there is a door at the millimnum bank behind which a gangsta named rameriz is leaving go of poisionous spiders....the door has a life or strenght gauge on it, but no matter what I try, I cannot not do any damage to it...I have shot it with everything in my possession and even tried timing the spiders to jump on them and blow up...what's the clue that my brain cannot get??? :ph34r:
  • You say you've tried using the spiders...maybe you're aiming at the wrong door? Here's how to do it anyway:

    Once Ramirez starts letting out his spiders, stand in front of the glass door and face away from it. The spiders will come in waves of three, so you should blow up the first 2 spiders and shoot the third one once (so that it is paralyzed).
    Once you've got a paralyzed spider, go up to it and press X. The view should switch to a first-person from the spiders perspective. Aim the spider directly at the glass door and press X to get it going. When you get close to the door (but not too close) press X again to make the spider jump.
    The amount of damage the door recieves depends on the position of the spider's jump. The most damage will be dealt when the spider is at the top of it's jump, and the lowest is at the very start (or not at all if you don't jump).
    If you hit the door at the top of the jump, it will only take 3 hits to destroy.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Hope this helps B)
  • I died a couple times before I figured it out. pretty easy once you know the trick.