Metal Gear Solid 2 Help Needed..
  • hi...
    after we are captured... we are all naked... we don`t have the cloths on... we can`t hang from the railings and can`t kill anyone .. we don`t have any weopen..... and olga tells us to find snake on the hanger he has all our gear.. there are weird calls coming from the colenel... and i can`t find where to go... please tell me the exact place and what i`ve got to do...
    and yeah there a tunnel type thing above and if i enter it ..i can`t get out again... please help...
  • By the sounds of it you are in the Arsenal Gear: Ascending Colon. Keep running back and forth answering each codec call Once you recieve a call from Rose, then... well I won't give anymore away. ;)
  • You asend all the way up the screen while trying not to get spotted by the guards(simple) and the up the stairs next to the big box like thing, thenyou take the first turn over the guards below you, then run up to thelittle box and crouch behind it and wait for the arsenal gear guard to walk to where you are BUT DON'T MOVE HE WON'T SEE YOU then sneek up behind him when he turns around and run down the hallway he was guarding.
  • o.k...
    got this far.. now.. about another thing.. how do i beat the three metal gears which i have to fight after i leave back snake with fortune... i keep killing it once... and it goes back in water and its power again becomes full..
    how can i beat it... help ..
  • Aim your Stinger at one of the legs of Metal Gear, fire and as the stinger hits, aim and fire at the head. (while its "mouth" is open) This the best tactic to ensure maximum damage. Don't forget about those chaff grenades soldier!!!

    One other thing Wasif. I'm sure it was an accident but the next time you double post please delete the second post. Thank you. ;)
  • yeah yeah... i got it... but when i kill that thing it goes back and refills its powers ... thats the main thing.. somewhere i heard that keep killing it and the battle will end eventually.. but how many times do i have to kill it.. i have killed it only once becouse i have only 1 ration which i got it on the battle field i used the rest before the fight...
  • I had about 4 rations at this battle and i used 2 of those. You're going to need to be patient and dodge all the missles and machine gun rounds....and inbetween take the shots that you can take. I fought 6 of the Rays.....and they aren't the same Rays.....there are a whole lot.....Anyway, with practice you may be able to make it on one ration....I'm sure you can if you're careful. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • What level of difficulty are you playing? As the number of Rays you must fight depends on the difficulty level.

    Very Easy & Easy - 3, I think :unsure:
    Normal - 5, I think :unsure:
    Hard & Extreme - :unsure:
  • Just keep fighting you will end the battle soon. If you are good you won't have to use any rations. I had it on Normal and didn't use one.

    When it walks up it will fire it's machine, just evade (can't fire stingers since the head is blocked) and if you get in a real jam take out your sword and reflect some shots. Also shooting at it's legs will put it's guard down and let you get maximam damage. When it launches it's missles up just keep moving, they will crash behind you. When it launches 2 at you wait until they almost hit you and then cartwheel out of the way. Keep your distance from all of them and don't get close, you'll get fried like chicken from the "lazer" or stomped on. Use chaff if you get in a bind and I don't know if you can, but call anyone for in-game help.

    Also have your body armor equipped (you did get it while swimming for Emma right?) to take some of the punch away. Also on hard and extreme I heard you fight 8-10 RAYS, I tried it out, but I had to return the game to my friend...If I only had a few more days...

    If you need more help I'm the Solid Snake of MGS2....only I'm running on memory. I'll give all advice when Substance comes out!

    Have fun Posting! Don't Drink and Game!
  • hey.. what do i use the chaff for... and i`m playing on normal... well o.k i`ll try.. its hard..
  • The chaff grenades are used to disrupt electronics such as cameras and Cyphers. Also the chaff grenades will disrupt your radar. So make sure you know where those guards are soldier!!!