• I know this question has been answered below, but I have gotten this error under different circumstances. I first noticed this problem when I purchased Dead Space. I brought it home, popped it in, and began playing without a problem. About 20 minutes into the game, I noticed some errors beginning to occur before I eventually fell off the world and died.

    After that, I would insert the disc but would get the 80010514 error after the Playstation 3 logo. Additionally, no other games would work. I reformatted my hard drive and was able to play the game fine until about halfway through Chapter 1. After dying, the game wouldn't load my savegame. I restarted the PS3 and started getting the 8001 error again.

    Is this really some fault with my PS3 laser? DVDs work fine, but games only work for a short period before I have to reformat my HD.
  • Sorry to say, eagles, but it is a problem with the blu-ray diode. Contact Sony about it while you are still under warranty.