Help Me pes 2009 online
  • For some reason i cant connect to pes 2009 online on the ps3 help
    it keps saying error
  • You most likely need to open certain ports in your router to let the traffic through.

    Head to - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall to find your router then look for "PlayStation Network" if it gives options for what to open ports for. Then just follow the instructions to open the following:

    * TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    * UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, 5730, 10070 and 50100

    Once you have these all entered and saved you may need to "power cycle" the router (unplug it for a minute then plug in the power again).
  • Having the same problem, tried addidng all these ports but no luck. Im unsure what I should be doing though when selecting the device in my router settings? My ps3 is recognised or am I on the wrong track and should just select my laptop as the device?

  • You are on the right track, Starsky. Don't select the laptop.

    Konami does have a specific port that it requires to have open besides the ones I listed above. Fire up the game and go to System Settings in its main menu. In here you will find Port Settings. Make sure the Auto Select is turned on- this should get you online.
  • hey everyone. i have connected to the network and can enter the network and legends area, however when i try play against someone, or join a room it says that an error has occurred. can any1 help? i know i posted this as a reply but the guys above seem to know what theyre talking bout! cheers!