• Please help with the Ratchet and Clank first game...I'm stuck on the logging planet and can't seem to meet the leutenant to finish my mission.
  • Head to the area behind your ship with the trespasser lock. Complete yet another touch trespasser lock and continue forward. There is a lot of swingshoting to do in this area. First head forward and fly down to the platform in front of you. Now head left and turn the bolt for some swingshot targets. Swing across, turn another bolt, and jump across the platforms here. Turn yet another bolt for a swingshot target and once up top, you have another trespasser lock. This one you will need the outermost circle pointing at 9:00 and 11:00, the middle circle pointing at 6:00, and the inner circle pointing at 8:00. Head in and confront the general. After the cut-scene, smash the crates and head out to be back to your ship.

    This should complete your tour of planet Eudora. B)