• i am fighting the boss that comes out of the pupa after eve falls down the hole when the selter gets
  • At this stage it has the swipe attack and the move where it releases the burst of energy from it's chest, right?
  • Punkbuddys strategy is good but i think its better to use laser thingie that u can put on your rifle.
  • okay i know this game good and on a good day beat it by giving it a glance so here we go! if ya want BP/EXP shoot its arms and bottom area but if you wanta finish it quickly just take out the head and then the core will open when the cores open shoot it with all you have and when he is about to use it run fast and stay in the upper area of the room so he cant swipe you and all he can do i think is swipe and stay as far back as you can i suggest you use the greande pistol or the submachine gun with two clips loaded with the best ammo but when the cores open blast it with lifedrain, inferno, combustion?, or if your lower down proneksis thing and when your HP falls below 70 before the core is open cast heal or use a item plus during the battle cast antibody and energy shot hope that helps :) :) :)
  • thanks for the help i beat the first boss but now im stuck on the flying boss that comes out of the water. i am trying 2 use the magnum rounds on it but it isnt working. how do i beat this boss?!?!
  • Apobiosis I believe it's called.
  • well im used to beating the game and not getting all that EXP after all i beat games as fast as i can use less its summer like now so for eve just do the following along with the bottom stuff too

    1. cast antibody and energy shot and shoot the darn thing
    2.when the screen waves just shoot a couple of shoots before you get set on fire
    3. cast heal or lifedrain when HP falls below 50 or use an item
    4.when you draw blood repeat all the steps

    eve? tips:

    when eve shoots balls run or cast metabolism and shoot
    if she uses her holoself shoot the holo thing and kill it
    when eve flys up she'll crash into bridge i suggest you be on the sides of the bridge were you fought the one bigg boss

    if you want to defeat it easier use the M4A1 with the M9
  • The best weapon is magic especially Inferno use it and it will attack every part of his body. :thumbsup:
  • Next Best weapon is the grand daddy of all GRENADE LAUNCHERS this weapon shoots 20 times without reloading it.
    But the main thing oyu need to do is to cast antibody, energyshot and energy sphere(sometimes???). If you follow everything correctly you'll beat that fatso in notime :thumbsup: I think thats all! VOILA!!!!!!!!!
  • You can get that GRENADE LAUNCHER BY MAKING Dougla's Dog sniff Eve's teddy bear, after that you'll
  • PE2 RULES :2devilish: [CODE] :2silly:
  • TELETUBBIES SUCK!!! :2devilish: I wish Aya Breya could shoot
    them all by one!!! :2devilish:
  • Pokemon suck too I wish Zidane or Squall cold kill them all!!!