Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3
  • What are the secrets in the Foundry level in Tony Hawk 3?
  • Assuming that you mean secret areas:

    You get the nuclear reactor after you unjam five valves in career mode. The entrance is right behind the start-just turn around.

    Theres also a quarter pipe above the end of the level. Get to the lower pipe at the bottom (where there's the control booth) and beanplant/fastplant at an angle off the pipe and hit grind. This is also the place you find a stat point and skate deck in career mode.

    If you cant find them, you can use the freestyle camera mode:

    When a level is loading, you press start between the loading screen and the goal list
    screen. This pauses the game and lets you look around. It is kind of
    hard to time right though. When you do it righ you can move around the
    veiw using the analog sticks and L and R buttons. This worls for all levels.