if usb enclosure will work
  • i was wondering if anyone knows if a usb enclosure will work to restore my ps3 once my new hard drive is installed?:
  • The only thing from your old PS3 drive you would really need to save would be your game save files. Any purchased games, downloaded theme, add-on content, etc. would have to be re-downloaded from the PlayStation Store via the download history. Meantime, you will have to sit through the installs (again) for any Blu-Ray games that happened to need them.

    I would advise moving the game saves over onto a thumb drive or flash memory card instead of investing the extra cash on a USB external drive enclosure.
  • i already have the enclosure. so do you think i could plug my old hard drive into it and transfer my old hard drive to my new one?
  • No, it would not work completely- you would still need to go through the installs again of any games you purchased as well as those of any blu-ray based games. You would be better off to just transfer the game saves back over then format the old drive for use as extra storage.