Playstation and ethernet connected Hard Drive
  • Hi,
    Here is my situation and basically what I need to know:
    I have my ps3 wirelessly connected to a Netgear wireless router I have added an ethernet connected hard drive that I want to store all my music and DVDs. My laptop on this wireless network recognizes this drive and works very well. My ps3 does not recognize this drive. Is there a way for my PS# to recognize this drive? I have read about installing a third part OS on my PS#. If I do that, will I be able to connect via the wireless connection to that drive?
  • Unfortunately the PS3 will not see a network drive on its own so it would be a bit useless for transferring video/ music/ pics/ etc.. That being said, though, if you were using Yellow Dog Linux (the official Linux distro for the PS3) you most likely would be able to make use of the network drive in Linux.

    You can get more info about yellow dog over at Terra Soft -- Linux for PowerStation, Playstation, PS3, QS22, Apple PowerPC, and IBM, AMCC, and Freescale Power architecture chips. .
  • Thanks for the quick reply. I have a few more questions.
    If I connect the hard drive via a USB cable, would the PS3 then recognize it?

    And if that is the case, if it were connected via my PS3, would my laptop find it through the wireless network?

    Thanks for all the help. You are clearly very knowledgeable in all PS# affairs.