PS3 just switches itself off bleeps and flashes red
  • I went to use it the other day, to watch a DVD film I put the film in it took it, waited 10 secs bleeped twice I recall, and exited the DVD, and switched it self off, the TV screen did not light up,

    Now if I just turn it on, it does the same, nothing, no screen, beeps and goes off with the red light flashing, it is like the HD has a boot up fault,

    Any ideas please
  • A couple of things you could try is first open the hard drive panel on the side, pull the drive out and then slide it back in to make sure it is seated snugly. After that maybe take a vacuum to the vents to make sure there is no dust build up inside that may be causing over heating.

    If you get no improvements you may want to give Sony's tech department a call- you may have something more serious happening inside needing immediate attention.
  • Thanks for your reply, but sorry that makes no difference
  • I have just contacted Sony, seems like it is quite serious, and they are to send a replacement, so no worries really :)