Hi Im new & Im stuck
  • Stuck on Spiderwick Cronicles near the beginning! Cant find the fuse and dont know how to extend the bridge! Can anyone help us? :huh:
  • Welcome to Absolute Playstation Maxlou.

    I found a help guide for where I believe you're stuck, if this doesn't help though let me know and I'll keep looking;)

    Thimbletack is your man now. Find the stack of books (use your "Camera Center" button, if necessary, as you'll be using it a lot with Thimbletack) and press up against it to automatically climb. Next, fall through the open hole in the wall.

    Here you'll be moving through the walls in order to find the Seeing Stone. I'll provide you with the route, however, it's possible you'll fall or get off track. If this is the case, look for arrows on the walls or ground to point you in the right direction so you can get back on the path.

    From the hole, head left (note the arrow on the wall) and run straight over the gap. You'll automatically jump it. Run straight at the ledge and you'll automatically climb it...and spot your first Cockroach! Yuck.

    To eliminate the cockroach enter "Ranged Mode" ("R1" on the PS2), aim the reticle at the roach, then hit "Throw/Attack" to toss the needle at it. Each cockroach you eliminate will be added to your Quest tally and your "Cockroaches (Thimbletack)" tally. You can always tell when a cockroach is nearby, as they make a noise. You'll always want to pop them with your needles, as, again, doing so counts toward your tally AND cockroaches can actually damage you, so it's best to do away with them.

    Continue up the cockroach ledge, run forward, then pop the cockroach on the ground and the one high up on the brick wall. If necessary, collect the Faerie Fruit (health for Thimble), then turn around.

    Run forward and, instead of falling down from where you came, catch the above platform. Climb the wire in the corner, then, again, turn around ("Center Camera" is a great button in this area).

    Jump the gap, then jump through the hole in the chicken wire to automatically grab the above pipe. Move across it, take out the cockroach, then move across the next pipe. Pass through the hole in the wall.

    Move across the gaps (pop the roach), then turn the corner at the end. Note the electrified path before you. The best way to get through it is not to think about it and just move fast. Wait until the only thing electrified before you is the panel just to your left, then run for it. You'll come close to becoming a fried brownie right before the last gap, however, if you're moving hard and fast, you'll easily jump over the electrified wire.

    Please note, while your goal is to make it across unharmed, I suggest getting yourself zapped once, as you'll fall to an area with a total of 8 cockroaches AND an important skill to be learned. First, the skill...

    Follow the arrows on the ground and to a playing card sitting against the wall. When you see these cards, this means you'll be able to climb the wall behind them. To do this, run at the card and hold the "Sprite Sprint" button ("X" on the PS2) for an extra boost. Doing so will speed you up and get you up that wall.

    Next, the cockroaches. You should be able to find the first six pretty easily. Two are on the ground, three are on the surrounding beams and planks (although, keep in mind, they do move around, so they may not be where I found them). The other three may be shootable from this location, but it's hard to find them...if you can't wait a moment.

    Back to the electrified path, or the platform just past it. Here you'll be shown the "Seeing Stone", or the metal washer. Hit it with your needle to free it, and it will roll through a pipe. Before doing anything else, look to the wall to the left of the Seeing Stone to eliminate one of the harder to find roaches.
  • Done that now thanks very much, stuck near the end now, dont know how to get thimbletack to knock down the sabre for Mallory!