spiderwick chronicles
  • stuck near the beginning, cant find the fuse, and dont know how to extend the bridge!
  • Once you get to the bridge that you can't extend, turn around and take the next path on your right. Keep following it until you get to a pond with stone platforms. Jump onto them, and go right. It´ll lead you to a log that will turn into a bridge when pushed down. With this log, go back and use it as a bridge. Cross it and go past the pond with the monster and enter Quarry.

    In the Quarry there should be a shack next to the gate, this is where the fuse is located- take the fuse out.
  • :) Thank you very much, however, am stuck now, towards the end, when Thimbletack needs to help Mallory get the Sabre down of the wall, looked everywhere in the walls with Thimbletack and dont know what to do? Please can you help me again? Thanks.
  • Enter the hole in the wall and turn left. Then just follow the way like you did earlier in the "seeing stone" quest, till you get to the electrified beams. Jump across them just like before, but instead of jumping all the way across, stop on the last beam, turn left, and walk over to the fairie fruit than turn left again and jump over the next two gaps. After that you´ll have to jump around a corner again to the left. Right in front of you should now be a screw in the wall, that holds the saber in place. Knock it loose with your jack. The last four cockroaches should be around there aswell, so kill them and complete Quest: Cockroaches. Return to the Study.
  • thanks so much will try ths now .
  • thanks that was great. thanks for your help.