fifa 09 freezes my ps3 during manager mode
  • hi, my ps3 keeps freezing during manager mode in fifa 09. im in my 6th season and it doesn't matter if i sim the match or play it. if i play the match it loads fine and plays fine, the freezing happens after the match has finished and try and get back to the screen where you can check stats and alter your team. i currently have ps3 firmware update 2.50 and this is the only 1 of my games that's causing problems. can anyone please help me, i don't really want to delete all my fifa data off the hard drive if it can be avoided. thanks chris
  • Sounds to me like a glitch in the game itself. You wouldn't need to lose all the data but i would suggest deleting the install out of the Game Data folder (keep what you have in the game saves) then let the system re-install the files. If this doesn't help you may want to check with EA about other possible solutions.