Wta Tour Tennis. Help!
  • Can someone tell me how I can unlock Navratilova? I have ended my career and when I go to the rename list she is only for a second there and then dissapears! :blink: Why? what did I do wrong? What is the problem?
    I hope there are some Tennisfans here around. Help me! :huh:
  • from looking around code sites the only thing i can come up with is that it might be a defect. Is the game used? If so then a scratch or smudge or just coding in itself can cause your problem. If its new then i suggest renting the same game and see what happens. If both games do the same thing then it must be the coding in the game. PM me if it begins to work again or my idea works. Thanks
  • Thanx very much Gene, I hope it will work. It