PS3 system problem question?
  • hello, i have a question about my ps3. A few days ago i was playing NCAA '09 and my system froze in the middle of the i pushed all my buttons and waiting a few minutes and nothing happened so i restarted the system. Now my playstation won't read any discs at all, not games, not dvds or anything. I was wondering what to do? I'm already over warranty but theres been absolutely no damage at all to my just all the sudden stopped working.
  • Sorry to say but you may have no choice but to contact Sony on this one- i think the problem may be inside the system, possibly the laser.
  • is there any possible way to fix it..or maybe even be qualified to send it in for another??
  • You said you are over the warranty so if they did say to have it sent in you would have to pay $150 for the repair service. Of course, if there would be some way to determine a particular cause (say, the blu-ray diode) it is possible they would do the repair free of charge. You would have to discuss that with the customer rep you get on the phone.