My Brother In Laws Ps2
  • my brother in law cleaned his ps2 w/ water last week and now he's trying to play his ps2 and one of the tips on the controwler is rustes and it wount work.So we have tryes 1 of his contros and it wount work and we also tryed 3 of mine and that are not working can ya help?
  • Water?!! :o :blink: That was not the best of ideas for cleaning it mikey,as he has now found out.Looks like the water has completely messed up that controller port-only thing to do is get it repaired.Considering how the damage to the system occurred I can't see it being covered by warranty.
  • Liquid and electronics do not mix..... :blink: As Lyndon stated, I think your only viable option now is for your bro in-law to get it repaired......I could recomend a few things you could try but chances are they would make an existing problem even worse, and that is not what you really need at the moment...

    Repair is the answer Mikey
  • i know lyndon,I told him dont use water on your ps2,I said use a alcohol swad and he said naaaaa i've cleaned it w/ water before and it hasend messed up.Well that's what he gets for not takeing my advice.
    sad thing about the ps2
  • Water?
    I guess u don't read instruction manuals.

    "wipe with a clean lint free cloth, refrain from using solvents or chemical base elements"

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  • sorry Rican_Havock,it's way to late fot that.he's got his ps2 messed up to were yu cant play it.I'm just gla that it's not my ps2!