Pirates of the carribean at worlds end
  • I need help with the PS3 version. The tortuga level. I am supossed to prey open a gate. I don't know how to do this. Also are there any cheats available for this game? thank you
  • I'm not entirely sure just where in the level you are finding this gate. How far along in the level is this?

    As for a cheat, will the ever-popular "invincibility" do nicely? When you are at the menu/ title screen press X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, L1, R1.
  • It is near the beginning of tortuga. You blow up a shack near a pig pen
  • Ignore the gate- there is a door opposite the pig shack you blew up (on the left wall) with another keg to light up. Blow this door up and move on to join Will in a quick battle with some foes.
  • I tried every door with an explosive barrel. they did not open. Please help! thank YOu