no audio or video on PS3
  • I bought a PS3 off some gy and he had it working through HDMI. I have connected it throught component cables and I have no audio or video. I have also tried reseting it but no luck..
  • make sure your connections are in the right place and in snug then try the reset again. You need to hold the power button until you hear that second beep.
  • i have done that. and still nothing however when i do go to the right input i hear audio for a split second
  • Hmm... the reset should have worked. I wonder if something may be wrong with the component cables themselves.

    If you can, maybe take the PS3 to a friend's place (or even back to the person you bought it from) and have it hooked up via HDMI. This way you could then adjust everything on screen to select component as your output.

    I take it your tv does not have HDMI as an option?
  • ya my tv doesn't have HDMI option but i will try taking to a friends and see what happens and i will get back to you soon
  • ok i figured out what was wrong. I had to go into my tv settings and enable the video components