• I'm not new here, but I'm back. I used to be SUPER Goku, but for some reason I can't remember my old password, and the site won't send me the e-mail....oh well. I have onimusha 2, and this game rocks. However, I'm stuck in the place where you can ride the boat across to the other house just like in the first one, but when I do I run arround there and nothing happens, I can't get anything that will unpetrify the people, and I can't find anything anywhere I've run around everywhere that it'll let me and I've done it so much that enemies won't even spawn anymore. Does anyone know what I can do....
  • Ok, you're going to need to explain this a little better for me. How many bosses have you fought so far? I can't recall where you are right now. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well, I've fought phatts twice, the four legged guy, I've also fought the ugly umbrella woman. I stepped into green light, that took me back to the roof arond the part of the palace where in the first game is surrounded by water....where you go up by a waterfall and arround and into the boathouse, where you can take a boat across the lake to another house.....this is where I run into two paralyzed. ..or petrified people. I don't have what's necessary to unpetrify....I've also been to another teleporter near the giant budha type statue..where it takes you underground, and there are more petrifed people, I can't get around the people, and need to unpetrify them to advance any further....any ideas....?
  • Well, I started over and got back to where I was but this time the door was locked and I had to play ekei. I unlocked to door and then found out there was a tunnell I couldn't see where the petrified peolpe are. After that I'm on my way;


  • Hmmm, that was a bit strange that you ran into that problem the first time....I've never had that....Maybe you took a wrong turn or something. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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