• i'm having problems with Shakhan in his big gear. He counters against all my characters even if they're using Charge. When he's connected to the gate generator it repairs 1000 points to his gear when i hit him. Only Bart's Omnigear can damage it unless i power up the others to do combos. Can somebody tell me what i'm doing wrong? I have Fei, Bart, and Elly on my team but i can go back and get anyone else if i need to.

    Shakhan's gear takes no damage from Ether attacks and it uses a fire attack that does over 2000 damage to everyone.
  • Well if you look a little bit further down the form I have posted one with the excact problem. So I think it would be best if you check that out.
    But if you ever need more help in the game pm Gene because he knows just about everything about it.
  • thanks a lot badboy. i never expected to find someone else with this problem, so didn't bother to look for it. guess i should know better.