My PSP not working properly
  • My PSP is hacked one, Custom Firmware 4.01M33,
    none of the keys of PSP is working, except turnoff.
    then, I turned it off.
    After that, it just switches on, when I made it into ON,
    & nothing else I can do.
    no other keys work's in the PSP,
    What to do now?
    Plz help me.
    Is that my PSP is bricked?

    After a day
    I turned ON the PSP,
    It was alright, just as before.
    but after a min.. It shows the M33 VSH MENU(as if I pressed "SELECT"),
    bliking the same for several times, again & again.
    At that time, none of the other button works except that,
    "brightness & volume & turn OFF button"
    After that, while again turn ON the PSP,
    again nothing is happening, no buttons are working
    (except "brightness & volume & turn OFF button")
    again the same problem,
    Why does it happens?
    Is this due to 4.01M33 OR my PSP fault?
    Please save my PSP...
    Is that my PSP is bricked?
  • It isn't bricked but it may as well be- that "custom" firmware would be the main reason for this to be happening. That is why we do not support or endorse the use of it here at AP. You may want to check over at the site you got that firmware for some help with this one.