Usb Port 2 Broken On My Ps2
  • My USB port 2 is broken. This is causing me trouble as I am playing SOCOM with the headset and a keyboard for in the lobby. Right now I am unplugging one to plug in the other and I am not happy with it. I dont want 3 weeks of down time and large expence of sending it to Sony to be fixed. So a USB hub is my best bet. I talked to Sony tech support and they couldnt tell if or what one may work, but they did recomend trying it out (it was there idea to try one).

    Is there anyone here that has tryed a USB hub on there PS2? If so what hub was it and more importantly does it work? My PS2 warranty is over long ago are the USB ports generic? Can I go to a computer shop and get USB port 2 replaced with a new one? Any help/feedback would be greatly apprieciated, thanx
  • You'd be better off getting a port replicator which you can get at your local PC or electronis store that carries PCs and PC accessories. It plugs into the good USB port and would then give you two(or more) connections. It costs alot less than a hub and you don't have to have wasted USB connections. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.