harry potter and the order of the phoenix.
  • hi,
    im playing the game harry potter and the order of the phoenix on playstation 2 and im ripping my hair out trying to find out where all the talking gargouls are iv found the one on the viaduct and the one in grass courtyard and the one in the corner of a hole going up a staircase but i cant find the rest please tell me where they please.
  • I can't remember where the rest are, but I know one is over on your way to the Paved Courtyard. should be on the bridge somewhere. I passed him a few times on my way there to duel. And there's one in the transfiguration courtyard, but I figured that was what you meant by the "Grass Courtyard".
  • Here are the ones you're missing, tiger.

    In the corridor outside the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom there is a large set of spiralling stairs. This gargoyle can be found half way up.

    Follow the corridor from the Grand Staircase on the fourth floor and go up the stairs at the end. At the top there is a small door leading onto a balcony. Go out onto the balcony and turn to your left hand side, (not Harry’s). The gargoyle is at the end of the balcony.