• Q1. In my Belkin_N1_VISION router settings, where is MTU (icant find it)
    Q2. If I disable firewall, will my virtual servers also be disable, because it under the firewall option, and also ive done port forwarding in virtual servers under firewall, will my port forwarding be disabled.
  • No, disabling firewalll will not disable your port forwarding/ virtual servers. What that will do is basically open up all the ports as it would remove whatever blocks the firewall puts in place.

    I'll get back to you about the MTU.
  • thank you lyndon,
  • as soon as i disabled firewall, i straight away got signed out of PSN, i was able to sign in again, but the question is will i have problems with firewall disabled , i read on the internet that disabling firewall helps PS3 to have a good connection
  • You won't have any problems as far as the PS3 is concerned but it does open your PC to some possible risks if you are not careful about where you go online.
  • like dirty stuff right, thats alright. what bout the MTU
  • Hav you found out about the MTU yet m8
  • When in the router settings go to the Internet WAN section and click on Connection Type. You'll find the correct MTU there.
  • it says dynamic connection, it says nothing about MTU
  • im at school talking to you about this, ive just had a detention, lol, for ignoring miss
  • The MTU is particular to certain types of internet connections- looks like it isn't a necessary portion for yours so I would not worry about it.

    Now start paying attention in school! :p
  • OK, but i got a detention for coming 10 minutes late after dinner.
    i need an exuse:D