• my ps3 freezes when i turn it on or when i quit it .not every time i think once in 4 times but it freezes .i updated 2.40,2.42,2.43 but it still freezed.after 2.50 it still freezed but i dont know how after 2 days it stopped freezing.but after 2 weeks the problem arose again.but again it healed but then again after 1 week it started freezing .i think by visiting sony.com from ps3 heals it as after visiting sony.com it stopped freezing but now that doesnt even work.i can still play games online and offline and i am not interested in calling sony.please help me.
  • Visiting their web site via the PS3 web browser would not do a thing to help the system.

    Aly, even though you don't want to contacting Sony may be the only alternative. It's quite possible there is something seriously wrong inside and it's just a matter of time before it craps out altogether.