Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets
  • I am stuck in the library!! I don't know what level I am in, but it was after Hermoine asked me to go get the book that Lockhart wrote, I can't find the book, and I need some help. Thanks. :D
  • Im looking to get into the restricted section of the library, to get Hogwarts: A History, not a Gildroy Lockhart book, sorry bout that. Thought I would clarify, but I am still stuck in the library, PLEASE HELP!!!!! Thanks
  • To get into the restricted section of the Library:-

    Once in the Library, sneak by the Prefects and enter the door on the right in the back. It's easy to find with it's golden glow. In the next room, you have to dodge more Prefects in a more complicated maze. Flipendo them if you're having trouble, and enter the portrait at the far end of this room. Welcome to the restricted section.