fallout 3 problems
  • i have been having serious problems ever since i loaded the update that came with fallout 3 on my 60g. oblivion will sometimes not read at all, madden freezes, but dvds seem to work fine. is this a problem with the update? if so how can i revert back to the previous version or where can i find a patch?
  • They did just release an even newer firmware update yesterday, version 2.52. Try downloading that to fix up whatever version came with Fallout 3.
  • updated to 2.52, still having problems. it will freeze in the dialouge parts of fallout3 within minutes, then it will not recognize discs until i turn it off via power SWITCH but i can play oblivion without problem for hours. is this a problem with the game or system? any ideas on a solution?
  • I would suggest deleting the game data you have for Fallout 3 and then let the disc re-do that now that you have the system updated. It's possible something may have corrupted in it.
  • still freezes, what about system restore? what does that do exactly
  • That'll wipe out everything on your drive and bring things back to its original state so I would avoid hitting that.

    You may need to contact Bethesda on this one.
  • If you can, try another copy of Fallout 3. Chances are you do have a faulty disc.
  • ok--have new disc, deleted all related data, reloaded, having same probs exclusive to fallout3 though, have yall heard anything else about this prob?
  • No, can't say that I have heard of any one else having this sort of problem.

    I did some digging around on Bethesda's site and they suggest trying the game on another PS3- if you have a friend that can help you out with this give it a shot. If it still doesn't work then you will want to contact their tech support. If it does work then the problem is in the PS3 itself and you will want to contact Sony's tech at 1-800-345-7669.
  • I had the same problem on my xbox 360, it bricked the dvd drive permanently, won't read anything anymore....
  • To clarify. I had never had any issues to this point and its a newer 360. I was playing the game and got to Rivet City again(without too many spoilers). While entering with my companion through the second door, the game froze right after the autosave. The console was locked completely. I went through the process a few times of restarting the console with the power button on the console itself. After the third try, upon rebooting the console, the system no longer reads any disks, although everything else works as normal. Its really strange. Couldn't say if it was actually the game because 360s can be buggy, but it damn sure seems like it.