Upgrading Older Ps2 System
  • I bought an early version of the ps2 using system 1.1 i believe. Is there a way to upgrade an older version with a new one. I always need to turn "diangostics" on in order to load a game. Is this unusual or normal.
  • If you have to turn on the Diagnostics to play PS2 games then no this is not normal. You're going to want to get that fixed....Unfortunaely there is no easy way to get thi fixed. You're going to need to go through Sony to either get this fixed or get a new one....if they say that they'll need to send you a new one then ask them for model 97004 as it has the newest DVD drivers and the new Emotion Graphics Engine which is smaller and more efficient....Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming and that you're able to get your problem fixed.