• 1) is there a place to find Drive for raising character stats other than the boss fights?

    2) found a desert island near Bart's old hideout, with sandy waterfalls. i can't use my gears here. i found two chests at the top of the falls, one of them had something in it but i can't find it in my inventory. i think it started with a 'G'.

    3) where am i supposed to go? there are angel gears everywhere and only 5 or 6 locations on the map.

    4) are there mini games or side quests in this game? someone i talked to said the battle arena is open but i went there and there are only blue crystals selling monster parts or something.
  • You still have quite a bit to do Juggle. You're going to want to visit the lighthouse on the southernmost large island on a northwestern peninsula. Here you can get a few things and when you see buildings with lights shining through the doors then you can get out of your gears and go in them....in one such of these you will come across Joe and his shop. Here you will find the Drives that you can buy among many other things. The item that you got was the Godfather which is Billy's best gun available....You can then go back and go the opposite direction and get the Kingly Armor(best defensive armor for men). The final battle awaits you on the Northern Large island......the big gray ugly thing......Then just hit X if i'm not mistaken. I can give you more in-depth looks into the sidequests if you'd like me too. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Question 1: When i defeat a dragon on that desert island i get roughly 5 times normal experience. Is this the best place to level up in the game?

    Question 2: When i defeat a powerful enemy without using Gears in any other place do i get extra experience, or is it just the dragons on the desert island?

    Question 3: In the city with the gears Battle Arena i found a dog and gave it Dog Food. What's that all about, some kind of side quest?

    OH, and thanks for the lighthouse info, the best part was i had Emerelda with me and something cool happened.
  • The dragons are different on Duneman's Isle, moreso than anywhere else that you fought them. They're much harder to defeat and this is a very good place to level up. This is the only place without a gear that you get this much experience. The dog sidequest isn't really worth it....you don't get anything out of it other than the dog stops barking until you reenter D-block. Yeah, that cool thing that happens helps you out later in the game. Be sure to level everyone up and not just a few of the chars that you like using.....Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

  • -The dragons on Duneman Isle drop rare gear and weapons. Citans best and final weapon is dropped from those dragons with great gear.

    -Yea! EMerelda growing up is cool. I wish Fei had some more expression to it though.

    -Giving the dog the dog food is just good for animal acitivists. Nothing more :lol: