help with pes 09 ps3,
  • hi....i was playing my master league:eek: but i spent to much,so its game over... is there something i can do, no saved data,r do i need start all over again...???i think i do... am i right.?????????????.
  • If there's no saved data then yes, you will need to start again. Make sure you regularly save next time, kendu.;)
  • god dam it,8weeks gone, i,ll never do that again, i was out by 20pts, load of balls man,ps do ya know any cheats?
  • There's none that i know of, no.
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  • i need help...???my ps3 is not reading the games,i put audio to,still not working.i think its the lazer? i left it back where i got it,there going to give me a new one munday...but all me ssave data is on the broke one?can i get that? what do i need to me?its 1 year save data so i need it bad?can u help me ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Kendu, your save data would be in the PS3's Saved Data Utility folder in the Game menu- you don't need to have the game disc running to get it. Just go in there, plug a USB thumb drive into an available slot and copy the data over to that. When the replacement system arrives and you have your PSN ID set up again, just copy back over.

    BTW, think maybe you overdid the ?'s just a bit? ;)
  • whats a usb thing..?where do i get one>?
  • i know what a usb is.but a usb thumb ?i do not ?
  • A USB thumb drive is a small flash memory drive that plugs into the USB port. You can find these in the electronics sections of most department stores or any place selling computer stuff.
  • and then what do i do.where do i go settings is it ?thanks 4 your help.whats them cost?
  • Not knowing your location it would be hard for me to say an exact cost. However, the process is very easy once you do have it.

    First, plug the thumb drive into a USB port on the PS3. Next, go into the Saved Data Utility found in the PS3's Game menu. Find your save data for the game and hit the triangle button on your controller. In the menu that shows on the right, find "copy" and hit X. That's it.
  • hi...i got a thumb drive.i need to put it to my pc?how do i do that...?i put it in the usb port,it gave me sonic rec.cant do it ?i,v only a lend of this thumb drive...can u help,,im john from dublin.?
  • John, plug the thumb drive into a USB port on the PS3. Then, find the save data in the PS3's Saved Data Utility section (found in the Game menu). Highlight the save, hit triangle, select 'copy from the menu that comes up and hit X- if the PS3 sees it it should ask where to save to and show the USB thumb drive- just hit X and it will copy the save.
  • no.i did that,but i want to put it from that to my PC?because im not getting g the new ps3 till Friday.and iv to give the thumb drive back to my mate tomorrow?understand?
  • can i even do that ?and then from my pc back to the new ps3
  • Definitely- just plug the drive into a USB slot on your PC and drag the file from the stick to some place on your computer you will remember (maybe make a desktop folder called PS3 saves ;) ). Once you get the replacement system just reverse the process, copying from the PC to the drive and back onto the PS3.
  • i just pluged it in. i see drag it,but the file is not comeing up,where do i find it?
  • i did it,thanks 4 your help,super kid.
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    sos im john,i need firefox is gone down,thats whats comeing up when i try to go on line.can sumeone till me what i need to do?i did a scan and alls ok that end.sos sos sos ?????:o
  • i cant do that, sumeone tell me what to do?sos sos sos :mad:
  • Firefox? That has nothing to do with the PS3. Sounds like you will need to re-do your connection settings.