Playstation 3 Internet Connection Problems=(
  • Hey,
    i just joined 10 minutes before posting this thread so i am quite new to this.
    i am not a wizz at gaming and computers so please do not use tricky words!

    Anyway, down to business.
    I connected my ps3 the start of this year, wirelessly, fine, i was amazed that it worked since the computer and router are behind walls and what not,
    now i cannot get the internet at all, i have placed in the right details, but it says DNS ERROR!! i asked a friend who has the same router as me and has connected wirelessly before and he says that i need a security code/thing for the WEP KEY?????????????

    i am losing my patcience with this machine and with new games coming out with online, i need the net on pronto!

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • The WEP key would be a possible solution if someone has turned on this encryption method on your router. You would need to go into the router settings on your computer and find this key, then change your PS3 settings to enter this same key.

    Thing is, I'm somewhat doubting if it is the need of a WEP key if you never had this turned on in the first place. I would suggest going into the router settings (if you aren't sure how this is done let us know what brand and model router you have) and check out the various tabs to find the DNS Server numbers. Once you do find these, edit them into your PS3's settings.
  • Wow! thanks for the fast reply, and i don't think it is a WEP Key.
    my router brand and model is listed:
    MODEL: DG834PN
  • OH, and i am moving my Playstation 3 to my Plasma TV, it is some what closer and has less walls between the computer then the spot it is in right now, would i be able to do select "automatic" for my details instead of placing them in to the ps3 settings?

  • You can go automatic but sometimes the PS3 is a bit lax in being able to grab those settings. Moving the PS3 closer to it will help with getting a better signal.

    I recommend putting the settings in manually just to make sure everything does get found by the PS3. You'll find the DNS server numbers by going to the Maintenance section of the router and select "router status". The server numbers are listed as "domain name server".
  • how do i find my router settings on my computer?
  • Most routers have you type in a certain IP address in your web browser to bring up the settings pages. If you don't have the instructions still there (the quick start guide should have this) what you need to do is type in then when the log in comes up put "admin" (minus the quotes) in the username blank and password in the password blank.
  • thanks, but it won't work,
    i placed in the username and password that you have given me but it will not work, i checked my router if it had anything different but it has the same information you have given me =(

    When a computer technician dude came to fix our computer, is there a possible chance he changed our password and username?


    P.S your help is greatly appreciative
  • He shouldn't have unless it was specifically requested by you or whoever pays for the service. This is the default information found in the manual (which should be on the install CD that came with the router).
  • So, what should i do now if i cannot find my router status??