from russia with love 007
  • how do i past the russian checkpoint?

    mission , instanbull pt2
  • Once you have entered the outpost pick up the assault rifle by the door along with some ammo for it from the filing cabinet. head through the door to a room with a projector- you'll find Simple Schematics, an Armory
    Key and more ammo from the filing cabinets lining the walls.

    Now, go back to the entrance and go past the door marked on your map (for now). This hallway will lead you to the armory. Stock up on weaponry and search for the Complex Schematic as well as the attache case. Now head for the door on the map- this triggers a cut scene.

    Shoot the lone guard as he attempts to subdue you and pick up all the ammo and armor lying around if you need it. Head to the water and two more guards will come from the left, so unleash lead into them until they fall. Go right and shoot another two guards here. Run up the stairs here.

    You need to rappel down and through the window here- do so and quickly
    kill a couple of guards that storm the room, then head for the dock.

    Search the closet for your last set of schematics, some Complex Schematics. Interact with the control panel here to lower the boat into the water. While you are lowering the boat, you'll be attacked by two guards and a huge commando. Deal with the guards before turning your attention to the commando. You need to shoot both harnesses to destroy his armor, then plug him with loads of rounds until he eventually falls.

    As you lower the boat further, another group of enemies appear. Kill them quickly before another group arrive. When the boat is finally in the water, the Russians will try a last-ditch attempt to exterminate you. Take them out and jump in the boat to complete the mission.