80010201 error and more
  • Ok, so I have a few of these systems sitting around, and one of them is giving me some curious problems. First problem I noticed was the fact that it wouldn't read discs. I tried replacing the laser, and that didn't work. Then I decided that it was the controller board which is supposed to be 'married' to the motherboard. I assumed this because even swapping the entire disc drive with one known to be working had no effect. I tried swapping the controller board with others and of course, no effect. Same problem.

    So, then I finally decided to try and update the firmware. It is currently at 1.80. So I tried to connect via the wireless router I have, which works with my other playstation 3, no problem. It wouldn't connect to it. Then I tried a wired connection. It tells me there is no ethernet cable connected and gives me the 80010201 error code. Then I check the network settings and now it won't even let me try to change it to wireless to try that again. The wireless option is gone. Then I notice that the controllers are funny about synching up to the system.

    So then I try to upgrade the firmware via usb with a flash drive. I then discover that it won't find the flashdrive or the upgrade data on it. And having a flash drive in a usb slot causes the controllers connected to unsynch.

    I have tried swapping out these parts with known good ones from another system: power supply, hard drive, blu ray drive, controller card, and the wifi/blu tooth card.

    To me it seems as though it is at least possible that this is all a software problem caused by the 1.80 update. Yes, I got this unit already in this condition. It just seems stupid to me that an update may have turned this unit into an island unto itself with no return. An update that prevents any future updates... wtf? Then again, maybe its something in the hardware.

    Anyone actually know how to fix ANYTHING with these systems? I see hundreds of people talking on many forums and no one has actually figured out anything. I know this particular system has a lot of problems but I bet they are all being caused by one bad component. Any ideas?
  • You should have rang Sony from the start when the system first started not reading discs. That is a serious issue in itself which would probably warrant a replacement console, not repairs. I think there's some serious hardware issues here which were not helped or even caused by the tampering you did with the system. Now that you've tampered with the console aswell you are not covered under warranty when you would have got a free replacement console direct from Sony.

    I would suggest that the console is completely, well, bust. It may be time to cut your losses and either purchase a new console or do without this one.