• HI I Was playing really good with mi d link xtreme gamerlounge router when a new version come out now i have to try to connect like three times before it connects what do i have to do and sometimes in cod 4 it stucks at downloading game settings i need help these thing is getting to my nerves


  • You may need to go back into the router and re-do your settings as you had them before, Luisongo. Also, you may want to power cycle the router- when new firmware gets installed on it you sometimes need to do this to finalize everything.
  • i just need you to show me how to do it howwwww please help
  • also dont have a secondary dns it just have primary one
  • Helppppppppppppppppppppppppp
  • Find one of the threads that has the port numbers listed (we've said them quite a few times) and then head to PortForward.com - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall to find the how-to for adding them in to your particular router. Once done just power cycle the router (pull the power cord out for a minute then plug it in again) and you should be ok.

    You will liley have to edit your PS3's settings to make sure that DNS address is in the settings along with the correct IP address for the router (the portforwar site will tell you that).